Recently open to the public, the new Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel restaurant, located on the island of Ortigia in a fabulous position and with a wonderful view of the sea, offers a cuisine which is in total  harmony with the spirit of the hotel and which distinguishes itself by its respect of  Mediterranean traditions.

During the renovation of the hotel, great care was taken to restore and enhance the atmosphere of the former residence which was chosen to house the new hotel.  It is full of charm and character, and quite unique.  The restaurant can be found on the ground floor in an area characterized by old stone arches, beams and decorated antique chests.

Our gastronomic recommendations are based on genuine, simple and tasty Sicilian cuisine, making use of the modest but delicious aubergines, courgettes and peppers.  The herbs and spices used are typical of the Sicilian countryside, simple and full of flavour.

Only fresh ingredients have been chosen for these gastronomic recommendations and no use of frozen or preserved produce has been made.  The cheeses and cold meats are also produced locally using traditional methods, like the semi-mature cheese with black pepper or cheese with pistachio. 

Special care is given to fish.  Only fresh, never frozen, local producers bring the fish directly from their boats to the restaurant.  Nowadays, the majority of  fish such as bass and bream, comes from fish farms and since Algilà has  direct contact with the producers, freshness is always guaranteed.

One of the most popular dishes to date is seafood couscous; a couscous timbale with prawns, calamari and shellfish served almost dry and then bathed in sauce.  The decision to draw on traditional cuisine does not stop innovation as in the case of ricotta  flavoured with pistachio, which has been very popular with our clients.

The menu changes each season and every day there is an extra traditional dish off the menu.  In the summer you will find mainly fish and light dishes which are served cold or warm, while more “hearty” dishes such as bite-sized pieces of meat in Nero D’Avola, are favoured for the winter menus.

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Needless to say the wine list is entirely Sicilian.  The choice of wines has fallen within the medium-price bracket in order to keep costs down except, of course, for  some very special wines for more demanding clients.  As well as some traditionally sacred wines, Algilà has decided to try  new Sicilian labels from Siracusan wineries that offer, for example, a Nero D’Avola mixed with Merlot and Sauvignon at extremely reasonable prices and which has been appreciated by our clients for its quality and taste.

Our aim is to keep prices down because we would like to introduce new people to our hotel which has not been open for very long and because it is our ambition to make it a meeting place full of “charme” ( a 4-star superior) not only for our hotel guests but also for people from Siracusa, Catania or Ragusa who would like to spend an evening, romantic or otherwise,  inOrtigia.